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Thirsty Thursday + Leftovers from Wednesday.

Man, I can NOT get enough water today. Maybe it has something to do with the molten lava degree temperatures + 1000% humidity here in Central Florida.

After my first post yesterday, I went to the gym and took a BodyStep class. I’m proud to report that I didn’t hurt myself or anyone standing directly next to, in front, or behind me. All joking aside, I love my gym. I have been a member on and off at the same gym for over five years. The classes are great for someone like me who hates exercising alone. The instructors are great at making me want to die keeping me motivated. Too bad no one was there to motivate me into the shower when I got home. It was like the couch was a giant magnet for my ass. Don’t worry, I eventually bathed. Then I got HUNGRY! Yesterday was a bad eating for me. I didn’t eat anything at all until about 4:00pm yesterday. I shoved some Target brand Mac ‘n Cheez (I refuse to call it cheese) into my face with a few carrot sticks before heading to the gym. I’m sorry I didn’t photograph this. It wasn’t pretty. I promise. Anyway, after the gym I was starving. Cranky-starving. It’s the worst kind. Just ask Mike!

Our refrigerator is looking pretty pathetic these days. I was on the hunt for anything edible. I scarfed down a strawberry-banana Chobani with a dollop of apple butter, some sliced almonds, and a palm-full of cereal. I love Chobani. I’m on the Greek yogurt kick just like everyone else these days. It’s just so creamy and delicious. I don’t like the word creamy.

Hello, blurry photograph.

I also consumed half a bag of this stuff:

Apparently my body was craving fake cheese yesterday. This was the first time I tried this particular bag of frozen veggies. They were pretty saucy for being “lightly” sauced. I didn’t care. It was just something else in the path of my hungry destruction.  While the broccoli was cooking, I devoured some homemade roasted red pepper hummus and carrot sticks.

I used an ice cream scoop for the hummus. Fancy, huh?

Now, most people would have considered all of that to be their dinner, but not me. Mike doesn’t get home until around 10:30pm on most nights. I usually wait to eat with him even though I know I shouldn’t. When he got home last night, I was exhausted. I didn’t sleep well on Tuesday night and after the busy day I had + going to the gym, I should have just gone to bed. Instead, I shared a frozen pizza with Mike. Eating when I’m not really hungry is a huge problem for me. I’ve always been an emotional eater. The worst part is that I’m incredibly self-aware so I know when I’m eating for reasons other than being hungry and I do it anyway. Go me.

Today hasn’t been much better as far as my eating goes. It’s quarter to four and I’ve eaten grapefruit. I have a BodyAttack class at 5:30pm and then I’ll be back to write a little more.

Confession: I misspelled broccoli every time I wrote it in this post.

Confession X 2: After my first post yesterday I felt…I don’t know, alive. It sounds weird, but I was SO happy that it’s finally out there. And I spent the rest of the night trying to decide what to write next. I plan on posting as much as possible! It’s kind of a rush!

I’ll leave you with this for now:

Doesn’t she look like an Olympic high diver all tucked in and falling to the water? No. Just me? This cat cracks me up.

Is anyone else as thirsty as I am today?

How do you guys deal with emotional eating? 

Thank you for reading! I hope everyone is having a great day!


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  1. a. love your kitty
    2. (lol) chonani is the only yougurt i’ve ever liked. i used to eat it for breakfast back when i worked lol. and it has so much protein! woot.


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