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When life hands you lemons…

Here’s the post you’ve all been waiting for, right? RIGHT? The excuses explanation of why I fell off the blog for nine months. Let’s rewind a little, shall we?

As most of you know, back in July I was struggling to obtain unemployment and Mike and I weren’t the happiest of campers, but we were getting by. While I did receive the good news that I had won my initial hearing, I knew that my ex-employer would have the opportunity to appeal that decision, and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would. And he did. Twice.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. It was just after we received the news that the initial decision was reversed that the next lemon fell off the tree. On July 30th, Mike was let go from his job. There we were, jobless, no income from unemployment, and our lease would be up on our apartment in under a month. Excellent.

We did what any newlywed couple in this situation would do. We freaked the F out. Now, here is one area that Mike and I are significantly different. When the world seems to be falling to shit, I freak out in such a way that there is no talking me down. Mike is more of an internal freaker outer. He keeps it inside, processing and trying to remain positive. I process internally, externally, in my sleep, in the shower, and I pull a dark cloud over each and every shred of optimism that Mike presents. I will sit there for hours telling him why anything he suggests can not and will not work and how our lives our over. I was convinced that we were going to be living in our cars with the cats (and bunny at the time) panhandling for change and giving ourselves a bath in the sink at a 7-11 bathroom. Dramatic much? My finest quality, I know.

After the reality of what our situation was had time to sink in for a few minutes, I needed a plan. Patience is my second finest quality. I had already been applying for what felt like a billion jobs at that point, and I started searching for jobs for Mike and sending out resumes for him, too. We were working as hard as we could to find gainful employment, but we still knew that with the unemployment rate in Orlando pushing 13% that we might need to consider a heavier option.

Without going into the insignificant details, we ended up with four options. 1. Move in with our friends Jen and Stephen in Orlando for a couple of weeks while we still looked for jobs and figure out if we could feasibly stay in Orlando. 2. Move in with Kelly in Palm Bay. We could have stayed there until the end of time, but the job situation wasn’t any better there. 3. Move in with my mother-in-law in Tampa and consider working part-time and going back to school. 4. Move to Billings, MT and live with my friend Jen and her husband, Dustin.

I’m sure you’re all wondering where the hell option number 4 came from. The first three options seems like completely sane, logical options for anyone in our position. How in the heck do you go from figuring out a life in Florida to moving clear across the county to Montana?! Here’s how that happened. Jen and Dustin had literally just moved to Montana from Missouri when Mike lost his job. I was talking to her about our situation and she casually brought up in conversation that they had a spare bedroom and that jobs were available there. I didn’t know how serious she was about it, but I tossed the idea in Mike’s direction. We spent a few days discussing it, researching Montana, and searching online at available jobs in the area.

In the end, we narrowed our options down to two: move in with Mike’s mom in Tampa or risk everything and move to Montana.

Stay tuned for what happened next…


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  1. Im going to get you guys back here if it’s the last thing u do. Miss you both. Happy you’re back to blogging 🙂


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