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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Summer Already.

Hello, friends! It’s been well over a month since I last hit “publish” even though it feels more like three weeks. Funny how time flies, huh? I can’t believe it’s June already. In the past six or so weeks we have been quite busy! We celebrated my birthday, our two-year dating anniversary, and our one-year wedding anniversary. And, oh yeah, we moved into a house!

Exploring her new surroundings.

At the end of April, we ended our friendship with our roommates and moved in with my saint of a co-worker and her lovely family until we found a place. There is obviously a bigger story behind this decision, but I’m not going to rehash it here because 1. most of you already know the story and 2. I’m still harboring feelings of sadness and anger about the whole thing and anything that I say will be irrational and immature a reflection of those emotions. At least I’m honest.

Ultimately, this was just one more obstacle we had to overcome in our journey. After a rough couple of weeks, Mike and I found a small house that we’re renting and slowly making our own. While Mike has lived in houses before, this is a whole new deal for me. We have a yard! We don’t have a maintenance team to immediately come fix things that break (although our landlord has been great about getting things fixed)! We have a furnace and well water and a septic tank! Ah! Some of that can be a little overwhelming, but we are are very happy with our new place. It’s so nice to not have to worry about roommates, upstairs/downstairs (or any, really) neighbors, or whether or not there is a parking space available.

Aforementioned yard.

Here’s the yard when we woke up to the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Seriously.

Mike and I spent ten months out of the first year of our marriage living with someone else, and it has been incredibly nice to be able to walk around naked come home at the end of the day and just relax together. We have been enjoying sitting outside in the sunshine and attempting to plant a garden.

Our herbs. Not to be confused with our dear friends, the Erb’s.

The area where we live is very rural. We even have a horse! Well, our landlord rents out the pasture next to the house to a woman who owns a horse, so she’s not technically ours, but we I pretend she is. We aren’t allowed to have pets inside our house, so the cats have become outdoor felines and keep the horse company. We also see a lot of wildlife including deer and several species of birds.

Yes. Mike in his bathrobe petting the horse. Her name is “Destiny”. I refuse to call her that.

We are very much looking forward to our first summer in Montana including some fun hiking and camping trips, hopefully getting our first visitors (cough, wink, nudge…I’m talking to you. ALL 3 of you!), and the arrival of two new babies for some of our friends (I’m looking at you Whit and Brit). We have almost been here for a year, but I really feel like our time is just beginning.

Our little piece of Florida.

I’m still incredibly homesick; I miss my family and friends in Florida more than I thought possible. I know, however, that we won’t be living in Montana forever, and I think I finally get that we should make the most of it while we’re here so that we can bring those memories back to Florida with us when we do move back. In the meantime we will do our best to enjoy our experiences and share them with you here!

Thank you for reading,


PS – Please excuse all of the terrible photos. I really, really need to charge my camera battery.