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Hi there, and thank you for visiting Everyday Folks! I’m Robin, and this blog follows my journey as a newlywed on the road to healthy living while adjusting to a new state nearly 3000 miles away from home. Here I will share my thoughts on food, fitness, learning about healthy living, and life as Mrs. Folk. I’d love to introduce you to my little family!

Aren't the bags under my eyes fan-TAS-tic?

Here we are! Fresh off the aisle! As you can probably tell, that is my husband, Mike! He is the light of my life. I could not have wished to be married to a better person. I am so lucky to share my life with someone so caring, generous, and hard-working. He makes me laugh constantly.  He is my biggest supporter and very best friend. Now, Mike is not your “typical” man (whatever that means). His interests include aliens, nuclear weapons, and history. These subjects are particularly handy when trying to put me to sleep! We (I) like to joke about the fact that I know more about sports than he does. He also enjoys: eating anything that I cook, reading, and playing Papa to our two fur babies. He is excellent at playing the guitar, and he does the BEST Christopher Walken impression I’ve ever heard. WHOA!

Next up: The babies. Fur babies, that is.

Fudge is the first cat that we adopted after we got our first apartment. She is the sweetest little thing and is our little dunce in the family. When we brought her home her name was Kit Kat, but we have friends that have a cat with that name, and it really didn’t fit her personality. Seeing as though Fudge is a common replacement for one of my favorite a not-so-nice word, the name suites her perfectly.

Evil laughing cat.

Fudge is Mike’s baby. She is, and always has been, his cat. That’s why, about a month after we adopted Fudge, we adopted Stormy. Her original name was Duchess (really) and I just didn’t think it fit her. I wanted to name her a food name, but “Oatmeal” was all I could think of and that just wasn’t cutting it. Eventually, Mike and I agreed on Stormy because she looks like a storm cloud.

Yoga cat.

Yes, she really does sleep like that. The first time I saw her upside-down like that I almost died laughing. I think it’s hilarious and it never fails to amuse me. Stormy is the ruler of the house. When we first brought her home, I never thought that would happen given the hissing and growling that was coming out of Fudge.

So, that’s our little Folk family. We look forward to getting to know you, too!

*Unfortunately, we had to get rid of our bunny before we moved. We will probably end up getting another one some day when we can afford to be eaten out of house and home take care of one. We miss her dearly, but we gave her to a good family who had previously owned a bunny and know that she’s being well taken care of.

Destroyer of All Things. You are missed. Sometimes.


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  1. Need to add your other fur baby who went to live with her other mommy (me).


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